Skin Cycling Bundle

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These three products create an ideal 4-night Skin Cycling routine and may also be used independently as part of your personal skin care routine.


Deeply exfoliate, boost cellular turnover, hydrate and soothe the skin strategically for radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin.

For all skin types.

Bundle includes:

How To Use

Skin cycling* is a schedule of product application for your evening routine only. Each product should be applied on a clean, dry face/neck/décolletage following any lightweight serums.


Night 1: Exfoliation with Exfoliant Forte

This enhanced chemical exfoliating lotion removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin to achieve maximum results from your night 2 product, Retinol 1% Night Complex.

Night 2: Retinoid with Retinol 1% Night Complex

This powerful yet gentle retinol is designed to boost cellular turnover and collagen production to visibly reduce the look of deep lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and reduce blemishes.

Nights 3 & 4: Recovery with LEXXEL

This gentle moisturizer is ideal for recovery nights 3 & 4 as it soothes, calms, and hydrates the skin.

*Skin Cycling is 4-night product rotation method originally introduced by Dr. Whitney Bowe to maximize results and minimize irritation.


Q: Where does my Vitamin C serum fit into this routine?

A: Your Vitamin C serum can be applied in your AM routine, and prior to the application of any of the skin cycling products.

Q: I have sensitive skin, will this application method still work for me?

A: Skin cycling can be adjusted to suit different skin types. Here are some tips to try if you have more sensitive skin:

  • Adjust the application schedule to 5 nights by adding an extra recovery night.
  • Use the moisturizer sandwich technique when applying your retinol. This involves applying a thin layer of moisturizer to your skin before and after the application of retinol.