Skin Barrier Repair Starter Regimen

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If you’re experiencing barrier damage, this is the perfect regimen to get your skin back to its healthiest state. 

Save by bundling up ✨

1. Wash Happy Cleanser 

2. Betastem Skin Coddling Serum

3. Peptide Restore Calming Cream 

This is a starter regimen. Please contact us once you’re ready so we can create a more comprehensive routine for you. 


Always use tepid (lukewarm water). Hot water can damage and overstrip the skin. 

You don’t need to wash your skin in the morning. Just splash water on your face and start your regimen from there. 

Never use abrasive scrubs (ever!!). They can damage the skin barrier and cause micro-tears. Use a gentle AHA or BHA a few times a week.