Sorella Apothecary Mint Poppy Seed Polish

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This polish works as an exfoliating scrub and mask to brighten and smooth skin with the help of eco-friendly buffers and a dose of alpha-hydroxy acids (2 oz.).

*Due to natural ingredients, actual product color may vary.

  • Reduces excess oil & evens skin tone
  • Improves skin clarity & texture
  • Buffs away dead skin cell buildup
  • Calms inflammation

Skin Concerns:

ā€¢ Breakout Prone
ā€¢Ā Dullness
ā€¢Ā Large pores
ā€¢Ā Redness

How To Use
Massage a thin layer onto cleansed face and neck for 1 minute. Relax for 20 minutes. Rinse and follow with your favorite Sorella Apothecary toner. Use 1-3 times per week.

Poppy Seeds- a gentle, natural exfoliant that renews the skin without irritation

Eco-beads- biodegradable eco-beads that gently & effectively exfoliate the skin, leaving it renewed & hydratedĀ 

Sweet Almond Oil- contains high levels of essential fatty acids that repair the skinā€™s barrier, reduce skin irritation & calms inflammationĀ 

Kaolin Clay- absorbs sebum & draws out impurities from the poresĀ 

Lactic Acid- AHA exfoliator that improves skinā€™s texture & tone while keeping it moisturized

Bearberry Extract- this natural skin lightener balances & brightens the skin while providing additional antioxidants

Sage Leaf Extract- creates balance & hydration within the skin

Caffeine- increases circulation & oxygen levels, which in turn eliminates bacteria

Honey ā€“ naturally rich in antioxidants with anti-bacterial power & moisture- restoration properties