Dr. Esthé Aqua Infusion Water Drop Cream

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Dr. esthé Aqua Infusion Water Drop Cream is an ultra lightweight moisturizer that quickly rehydrates and plumps dehydrated skin with a deep drink of water hydration. 2 oz 

This cream offers the most unique texture that goes from a light cream to a cooling water sensation on the skin. Boosted with plant-based antioxidants, we love this cream for dehydrated skin in need of a deep drink of water. Upon application, skin is plumped up, hydrated, and calmed. Oily, combination skin types will find that this moisturizer actually balances out oil production in the skin by protecting the natural moisture barrier and preventing water-loss on the surface of the skin.

All skin types but especially oily, combination skin that is dehydrated and lacking water hydration. Those who want a moisturizer that dissapears into the skin and feels light as air will also love this product.

How to Use:

Apply to freshly cleansed skin and follow with your favorite spf during the day.