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Clareblend Micro Current Mini

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The Clareblend Microcurrent Mini is a small microcurrent device for facial toning, stimulating facial muscles, and anti-aging. Microcurrent treatments work magic on your face. Studies show a 45% increase in the number of elastin fibers in the dermis and, on average, the length of the fibers doubled. The collagen thickness in the connective tissues increased by 10%, and the numbers of blood vessels increased by 35%. These dramatic results produce a firmer and tighter feeling and appearance on the skin surface. The specialized current used by the Clareblend also enhances fibroblast activity (collagen), protein synthesis (elastin), blood circulation, and wound healing.

Microcurrent facials push skincare products into your skin, causing it to become more receptive to moisture. Combining nourishing water-based serums with massaging motions, a microcurrent treatment assists with both hydration and lymphatic drainage throughout your face.


Some of the amazing anti-aging results you can expect to see are reduced fine lines in your forehead area, lifted eyebrows and jowls, a more defined jawline, and youthfully contoured cheekbones. Your eyes will appear lifted and refreshed. The Mini improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, skin exfoliation, and dark spots. With regular use, you’ll enjoy skin that is more supple, bright, and glowing.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


The Clareblend Mini uses low frequency with variable wavelengths that safely challenge the facial muscles, leading to more immediate and longer-lasting results. We actually use this in the treatment room (usually two at a time) to really work the muscles along with our fascia releasing massage. It’s a must-have for ALL skin types, ages and conditions!




This product may answer to 7 concerns

•Fine Lines
•Loss of Elasticity
•Slow Circulation


If you're looking for dramatic lifting and tightening results from a simple at-home facial treatment, then the Clareblend Microcurrent Mini is your new best friend. Each microcurrent treatment session is like taking your face to the gym, firming muscle tone and delivering the appearance of a non-surgical facelift. Microcurrent devices use low-voltage electrical currents to tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues of your face while also boosting collagen and elastin production.

1. Apply your favorite firming serum such as Neogenesis Booster Serum. This serum contains concentrated peptides that firm the skin and minimize the depth of fines lines and wrinkles.

2. Apply conductive gel. We love Sculppla Promotor Collagen Gel to face and begin moving the microcurrrent upwards over the facial muscles.

3. If skin becomes sticky or dry and the Mini won't glide, re-wet the skin with a spritz of your favourite Functional Mist. We love Osmosis Infuse. This solution acts as a conductive spritz that supports the microcurrents.