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CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System is developed using a proprietary technology that is derived from the Mesenchymal Stem Cells of the Umbilical Cord Lining, the richest source of stem cells in the body.

The Advanced Hair System is designed to assist clinicians in treating patients with a number of different hair loss issues. The product is applied in conjunction with a delivery treatment such as microneedling or plasma to get optimal absorption into the scalp. This treatment is done weekly for 6 weeks.

The Advanced Hair System can also be used following hair transplant procedures to enhance the final result of the treatment and to reduce downtime.

  • Restoring normal hair follicle cycle
  • Reducing scalp derived inflammatory proteins
  • Providing hair follicle support
  • Conditioning scalp skin

Open the ampoule following the direction on the metal ring. Be careful when removing the metal ring.

•Sterilize the derma stamp with the sterile wipes included in the system.

•Part hair in the areas experiencing hair loss.

•Stamp back and forth along the length of the parting. Do this 4 x for one hair parting.

•Apply a few drops of the Advanced Hair System throughout the derma stamped areas.


6-week Advanced Hair System Treatment Program (for those starting on the Advanced Hair System):

Depending on severity of hair loss, you may need to embark on 2 cycles of the 6 week program.

•Complete a derma stamp and application routine 2 x a week

•Finish using 1 ampoule per week (for 2 treatments)

•Do not stop the 6 week program as it will affect efficacy. Do not embark on the 6 week treatment unless you are able to maintain consistency in the weekly protocol.


3-month Advanced Hair System Maintenance Program:

•Complete a derma stamp and application routine 1 x a week

•Finish using half an ampoule per week (for 1 treatment)

•Resume the 6 week treatment program after the maintenance program


Cycle between the treatment and maintenance programs to sustain healthy hair follicle activity.