AmarteDERM SILKTOX™ Mask (Single Use)

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A single-use mask combining the tightening effects of a silk cocoon with the multi-functional bio-organic benefits of twenty eco-harvested botanical extracts. Activated by an array of ActivElements®, this mask provides immediate benefits that are readily seen and felt. SILKTOX lifts, tightens, smooths, and brightens – all in the brief span of 20 minutes.

Can be used both AM and PM.

How to: 
1. Open the caps of each bottle by pushing firmly forward (do not twist)
2. Pour the small vial into the larger vial.
3. Place your thumb over the top and shake for 5 seconds.
4. To a cleansed face, apply the mask with a brush using upward strokes to your face, neck and decollete (you may use your hands but make sure to wash them after).
5. Allow the mask to dry for 20 minutes. 
6. Remove with a cold damp towel.
7. Follow with your AM or PM routine.