AmarteDERM Pop Deco™

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Pop Deco™ is a hydrating lip therapy for soft and supple volume. Your lips will
look and feel hydrated, smooth, plump, and healthy! Pressed pearl powder gives a
subtle shimmer for daytime use while a multitude of oils including avocado, rosehip,
macadamia seed, apricot, and argan heal dry and cracked lips overnight.

Rosehip Oil

a fruit seed oil derived from a wild rose species native to western Asia with antioxidant and regenerative properties. Rosehip oil is an adaptogenic emollient rich in omega-3-6-9 fatty acids, carotenoids and vitamin E.

An adaptogenic emollient rich in omega-3-6-9 fatty acids

Pearl Powder

a multi-functional aesthetic ingredient that boasts an incomparable historical record spanning millennia. The cosmeceutical benefits of pearl powder had, until recently, been obscured by the fact that pearl powder has pleasing mica-like surface aesthetic properties. A collaborative 2009 scientific publication from three Taiwanese universities, however, has confirmed pearl powder's substantial antioxidant, hydration, and brightening properties.

substantial antioxidant, hydration, and brightening properties.

Argan Oil

Argania Spinosa (argan) kernel oil: Argan oil is an emollient and skin conditioner derived from the nut of the argan tree.  Native to Morocco, the argan tree lives up to 200 years and its oil has been used for skin care and dietary supplementation for centuries. It is rich in tocopherol (vitamin E), phenolic acid, carotenes, and essential fatty acids including omega-9 oleic acid and omega-6 linolenic acid.  Considered beneficial in managing dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and sunburn, argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world.

a rare moisturizer and skin conditioner.

HOW TO USE: Apply with applicator (lid) to lips until desired moisturization is achieved.

WHEN TO USE: Use in the morning, evening, and as often as supple, hydrated lips are desired.


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