Acne Edit Starter Kit 💛

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Inflammatory acne causes red, swollen, painful blemishes on your skin. The pustules, nodules or cysts contain bacteria, pus, dead skin cells and excess oil.

We Follow Dr. Fulton’s groundbreaking acne research and are extremely successful clearing all types of acne. This kit is the perfect place to start and you’ll save $60 by ordering together! 

Please reach out to us after using for 4-6 weeks so we can asses your progress and suggest any changes. There is no cost for our complimentary acne-consultation. 


•Clear Skin Collective Wash Happy

•Clear Skin Collective Clarify

•Clear Skin Collective Matte Hydration Gel

•Clear Skin Collective GlySal Treatment Serum



Rinse Skin with Tepid Water (no need to cleanse in the morning)

Apply Clarify Vitamin C + Salicylic

** Wait 10 minutes for the serum to activate

Dot on Matte Gel Hydration Cream

Apply acne safe SPF



Double Cleanse with Wash Happy Gentle Cleanser

Apply GlySal Treatment Serum

Wait 5-10 minutes

Apply Matte Gel Hydration Cream