The Nano Infusion Facial utilizes nano tips which exfoliate and infuse ingredients into the epidermis. Your skin receives nutrients that help to lighten, tighten, and brighten. Skin will also be plumped due to the hydration infusion filling out fine lines and wrinkles. Nano infusion is pain free, no numbing cream needed! You will feel light pressure and a vibrating sensation. Most find this very relaxing. 

Results That Speak For Themselves

Unique Growth Factors help with specific concerns like Anti-Aging, Acne, Rosacea, chronic, traumatized skin conditions and Hyperpigmentation, while Hyaluronic Acid aids in hydration. We also add LED therapy to the treatment to stimulate collagen, heal and rejuvenate skin.

Product penetration increased by 97%

This treatment can help with an array of skin issues without any downtime. Human Fibroblasts and Stem Cells produced from Ethical and highly controlled sources are infused into the skin using a silicone nano tip, which increases product penetration by 97 percent.