Are Professional Facials Worth It?

Professional facial treatments have been growing in popularity, but you may be wondering, are they worth the investment?

To answer this question we will go over what to expect during a professional facial treatment and the benefits this service provides.

What exactly is involved in the facial process?

Below we will outline the basics of what each stage of a facial is designed to do. The process and products used to accomplish these steps will be different depending on what kind of facial treatment is determined to be right for your skin type!


Pre-cleaning removes any dirt, oil, and makeup on your face in order for your esthetician to determine the condition of your skin and your skin's sensitivity levels. This is important as it will also allow you to identify your concerns and maximize the results of your facial.


aSpecialized cleansing treatment is used for your skin along with steam which aids in maximum absorption of products, as well as circulation. The steam allows for your pores to open, allowing for a deeper cleanse.


This process works to remove dead skin cells and eliminate blackheads, and increase circulation. As mentioned earlier, depending on what kind of facial treatment you are receiving this process may look different as estheticians have specialized technology and products available.


Specialized tools and techniques are applied to clear out black heads, white heads, and unclog pores around specific problems areas.


Probably the best part about receiving a facial. Aimed for ultimate relaxation and stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage, while using a specialized blend of products to target your skin needs.


A custom mask is applied, based on your needs and preferences. There are plenty of products to choose from, such as clay-based treatments that help combat oily skin, or hydrating masks aimed at providing a youthful glow.


Typically the last step which involves the application of serum or moisturizer to aid in improving moisture and adding protection to your fresh, soft skin.

Benefits of Receiving a Professional Facial

Now that you know what is involved in the facial process, let's talk about the benefits of receiving professional facial treatments. Although there are many amazing DIY facials you can do at home with household or drugstore products, there are elements of professional services that can't be replicated

1. Customized Treatment

Everyone is different when it comes to what their skin needs in order to perform at its best. Variables such as hormones, skin type, stress, ageing, and seasonal changes can contribute to various problems and signs of ageing. This is where you reap the benefits of receiving a more personalized treatment that is carefully curated by a licensed esthetician to fit your skin needs.

2. Technology

Having advanced technology, using innovative skin care products and techniques is crucial in maximizing results of your facial treatment. One example of this is the extraction process. Having the right tools prevents not only scarring but infection as well. Picking at your skin at home to remove blackheads can sometimes result in an infection or outbreak of pimples. 

3. Stress Relief

Taking time to get a professional facial done is a great way to exercise self care. Not only are you going to feel relaxed with the facial massage, but you’re also going to feel better about seeking ways to improve the overall health of your skin.

4. Professional advice

Consulting with a certified esthetician allows you to learn how to properly manage your skin care routine and gain insight on helpful products and treatments.  

In conclusion, you receive more benefits from a professional facial than just being pampered. Receiving treatment from a certified esthetician means you are getting professional advice and customized treatment for your specific needs. While being in great hands, you can also be confident in the tools and techniques being used to ensure your treatment is effective and safe!

So now you know- going the professional route with your facial treatment is totally worth it!

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