Lash Serum

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Dreaming of long, lustrous lashes or thick, beautiful brows? This drug-free lash fortifying serum helps lashes and brows reach their fullest potential. Formulated with hair-volumizing peptides and biotin, this nightly serum strengthens and conditions for maximum fullness. Use it every night to see natural-looking growth.

All skin types.

Give your lashes or brows the natural boost they need to grow long, strong and beautifully.

Formulated with a special blend of peptides to naturally stimulate hair growth and nourish lashes.


+Strengthens and promotes fullness of lashes and brows

+Nourishes and conditions hair on lashes and brows


+Thin lashes

+Bare spots in brows


+Eyelash Fortifying Peptides

These peptides gently help to support hair growth while reducing factors that inhibit hair growth.

+Hair-Fullness Peptide

Helps to support healthy hair growth and reduce depigmentation of their hair.

+Biotin & Folic Acid

Forms of Vitamin B that helps support healthy hair cell regeneration and encourage thick hair.

+Hyaluronic Acid

Helps to keep lashes healthy and hydrated to reduce brittleness and breakage.

How To Use


Apply a very small amount to the base of clean, dry lashes nightly (top lashes only).


Continue to use daily to maintain full, luscious lashes!

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