Facialista Clearing Cleanser Facialista Clearing Cleanser

Facialista Clearing Cleanser

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This highly effective acne cleanser is great for normal skin, combination skin, and oily skin types who are looking to clear up acne. Facialista Antibacterial Cleanser provides extraordinary healing benefits with maximum bacterial control against undesirable bacteria without causing dryness. This formulation does this by using the specific extract from cinnamon that inhibits 5 alpha reductase, including its acne promoting actions in the sebaceous glands. This interaction allows for maximum control over undesirable bacteria that create and spread acne.


  • For acne with¬†normal skin,¬†combination skin, &¬†oily¬†skin types
  • Maximum bacterial control
  • Cinnamon bark extract¬†inhibits the acne promoting action of 5¬†alpha-reductase
  • 0.5%¬†Salicylic Acid