The Beauty Nook Concept

We believe in a holistic approach to skincare, which is why we curate every single product that we sell, making sure each product will enhance the overall health of our clients’ skin. 

Our team specializes in a variety of treatments that gently treat annoyances like acne, rosacea, pigmentation damage, and sensitivity. Beauty Nook’s skin experts are also pros at overall healthful skin maintenance, as well as anti- aging treatments. Custom-tailoring skin care programs for each individual.

To continue being close to our customers, we are opening a new store in Surrey, BC and plan to expand further in 2019 and beyond. We have designed our “beauty nooks” as cozy and intimate spaces where we can take time to care for our clients with thoughtful and experienced consideration.

Later this year, Beauty Nook will expand our offerings to include our new in-house line of Body Buttercreams and Lifestyle Fragrance Sprays. Our innovative artisans will be lovingly handcrafting luxuriously decadent body treats and perfume concentrates in small batches daily.

Seasonal collections, beauty workshops, pop-up events and skincare consultations. There’s always an amazing reason to shop the Nook!