The Difference Between Professional and Drugstore Skincare Products

There is a difference...

The difference between professional and drugstore skincare products is significant,

especially for those who are struggling with stubborn skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, or visible signs of aging.

Learn more about the difference between professional and drugstore skincare products (and the impact that these differences have on your skin) below:

First Things First:

The Quality Of The Ingredients

One of the many pitfalls of drugstore skincare products is their lower-quality ingredients.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, for example, a high alcohol content is frequently seen in drugstore skincare products. Why is this a concern? Because of its tendency to over-dry the skin, trigger irritation, and cause excess sebum production as your skin attempts to compensate. This can worsen skin concerns and lead to inadvertently damaging your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Professional skincare brands, on the other hand, have formulas that are curated with specific skin concerns in mind. This means avoiding common irritants such as alcohol and fragrances and instead opting for higher-quality ingredients with proven results.

The Concentration of Active Ingredients,

is a Large Difference Between Professional and Drugstore Skincare Products.


Here at Beauty Nook, we value skincare products that have the right balance of active ingredients.

Defined as ingredients that actively work to address specific skin concerns, active ingredients have been scientifically proven to eliminate or mitigate targeted skin concerns; “non-active” ingredients often work in tandem with active ingredients to support their functionality or add a cleansing or moisturizing ability to the product in question.

Common active ingredients are:

•Hyaluronic acid





Professional Skincare Products,

Come With Equally Professional Advice.


When purchasing skincare through a spa or salon, you are given the opportunity to receive recommendations on what will be the most effective for your specific skin type, skin concerns, and general skin goals.

Even during our Online Consultations, we are happy to answer questions surrounding which products we would recommend for you (and which products have achieved results for clients with similar skin types and needs!) Simply surfing products or online or browsing drugstore aisles don’t offer a comparable level of expert advice and guidance.

The Difference

in Price and Value.

A common misconception is that drugstore skincare products cost less.

While this may seem like the case at first glance, the reality is that drugstore products cost more over time due to a combination of the above points: lower-quality ingredients, fewer active ingredients, and a lack of accompanying professional guidance.

The result? Skincare results that take longer to be seen, if they are seen at all. Fewer results mean more purchases over time. In a worst-case scenario, the skin is damaged by drugstore products and requires professional treatment to be remedied, which is even more of a financial commitment in the long-run.

The Final Difference

Between Professional and Drugstore Skincare Products:

Product Compatibility.

On top of being overly harsh and lacking crucial results-driven ingredients, drugstore skincare products also lack compatibility.

Versus professional skincare products, which are designed to work in tandem with complementary products to produce and sustain results, drugstore skincare products focus ineffectively on one singular concern.

This lack of compatibility may mean that your drugstore skincare routine may have ingredients that are cancelling one another out or, even worse, mixing dangerously. This can result in chemical burns, inflamed acne, or excessive dryness.

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